All Weather Corntoss Bean Bag Game (#101-11-CT-GM)

2 All-Weather Plastic Targets
- Official 48" x 24"

8 All-Weather Bean Bags
- 4 each of 2 colors
- official 6", 14oz. size

Games Rules and Setup Guide

The All-Weather Corntoss Bean Bag Game™ is the Top of the Line, most durable, official size bean bag game on the market! Corntoss is the super fun game that is sweeping the nation; from grassroots to widespread acceptance, this game is RED HOT! Players toss bean bags at the opposing targets and score 3 points for making it in the hole and 1 point for making it on the board. First to score 21 points wins! Great for tailgating, the beach, camping, barbeques and all the family activities.

  • Lightweight & Portable – can be played indoors or out, and on any surface.
  • Built-in, Locking Bag Storage and Carry Handles
  • Safe and Fun for All Ages