Bolo Toss 3D Game (#BOLO3D-GM-00116)

Bolo Toss 3D Game (#BOLO3D-GM-00116)

1 Collapsible 3-D Bolo Tower
- with Dropping Bolos Mat

6 Bolos (3 each of 2 colors)

1 Zippered Nylon Carry Bag
- with Shoulder Strap

Multiple Game Rules

Bolo Toss Game 3-D™is an innovative twist on the already popular game of Ladder Golf. Players fling bolo balls at a target trying to get the bolos to wrap around the different levels of poles to score various points; first to 21 points wins! With 58% smaller packaging than any competitor, and components that create three games in one, this bolo game’s design sets it apart from the pack.

  • 3-D Design Creates New Games and More Excitement

    • Play from all 4 sides = more players

    • Stable base that won’t tip over during game play

  • Super Collapsible; Quick Setup; No Loose Parts

  • Soft Rubber Bolos and Fabric Base – play on any surface, even indoors