Driveway Games Classics: Badminton (#CLBDMT-GM-00151)

Driveway Games Classics: Badminton (#CLBDMT-GM-00151)

4 Racquets
Net Poles
2 Ground Sleeves
3 Shuttlecocks
1-20’ x 1.5’ Ft Mesh Net
Carry Bag
Games Rules and Setup Guide

Driveway Games Classics: Badminton™ includes everything you need to play competitive badminton in your backyard; beach; anywhere. The set starts with a deluxe net that’s secured by telescoping PVC poles. The poles measure a regulation 5 feet 1 inch on each side, while the sleeve-style net measures 20 feet long by 1-1/2 feet tall. Our net is easy to stabilize - a real problem with outdoor badminton nets - thanks to the double-guide rope system, tension clips, pole anchors, and stakes. For Game play, the set comes with 3 shuttlecocks and 4 tempered steel rackets with padded grips.

  • Complete Game Set

  • High Quality, Regulation Equipment

  • Deluxe Carry Case for maximum portability