Driveway Games Classics: Bocce Ball (#CLBOCC-GM-00153)

Driveway Games Classics: Bocce Ball (#CLBOCC-GM-00153)

8 Bocce Ballsin 2 colors
1 White Pallino 
Carry Bag
Games Rules and Setup Guide

Driveway Games Classics: Bocce Ball™ makes a great companion whether you’re camping, barbecuing at a friend’s house, or picnicking with family. To play, simply toss the pallino any distance, then take turns trying to toss, roll, or throw the bocce balls as close as possible to the target. One of the oldest forms of lawn bowling, bocce can be played almost anywhere on a variety of surfaces, and is suitable for all ages. The Classic bocce set also offers two different scoring patterns. 

  • Full Game Set

  • High Quality Resin, 90mm balls & 40 mm Pallino

  • Durable and Handy Storage Bag