Driveway Games Classics: Croquet (#CLCROQ-GM-00152)

Driveway Games Classics: Croquet (#CLCROQ-GM-00152)

6 Mallets
6 Croquet Balls
2 Hardwood Stakes
9 Steel Wickets
Carrying Case
Games Rules and Setup Guide

Driveway Games Classics: Croquet™ Perfect for family gatherings and backyard fun, Croquet has long been a leisurely or competitive favorite.  DG Classics Croquet is a 6-Player set including everything you need for friendly competition. It includes six 24-inch hardwood handles, six 7-inch mallets with caps, two stakes, nine wickets, and six balls. A deluxe carry bag is included for easy storage and allows you to tote the set along to barbecues and afternoons in the park.

  • Complete Game Set 

  • High Quality wood mallets, and polymer balls

  • Deluxe Carry Case for maximum portability