Driveway Games Classics: Horseshoes (#CLHORS-GM-00154)

Driveway Games Classics: Horseshoes (#CLHORS-GM-00154)

4 Horseshoes In 2 colors
2 All Metal Poles
Carry Bag
Games Rules and Setup Guide

Driveway Games Classics: Horseshoes™ livens up any outdoor party; from graduations to camping, this has been a family favorite for decades! Made of the highest quality materials, the set includes everything you need to hold a competitive horseshoe contest in any outdoor space. The game includes two solid-steel silver stakes and four horseshoes--two blue and two grey. Each horseshoe is made of steel and weighs a regulation 2 pounds 8 ounces.

  • Complete Game Set

  • High Quality Steel, Regulation Weight Horseshoes

  • Durable and Handy Storage Bag