Ladder Bolos - Toss Game (#LADRTS-GM-00140)

Ladder Bolos - Toss Game (#LADRTS-GM-00140)

2 pcs - Ladder targets

3 pcs team 1 color bolos

3 pcs team 2 color bolos

1 pc storage bag & game rules

The Ladder Bolos Game™ is an american original, first played by cowboys on the plains using cow-wrangling bolas and fence rails. Today one of the fastest growing games in the US, Ladder Bolos features a full set of traditional ladder targets and soft, tossing bolos.  Competive and exciting this game appeals to the whole family; 2-6 players can compete and it is the perfect entertainment for graduation parties, camping or any family gathering! Players toss bolos at ladder targets to score various points for wraps on each ladder rung; the higher the rung the higher the points, first to 21 points wins!

  • Travel Friendly – Easily collapses and includes storage bag
  • Safe & Versatile - Soft Rubber Bolos and Rubber Tipped Target Feet
  • Play indoors or out, and on any surface