Washoooes - Washer Toss Game (#WASHOO-GM-00139)

Washoooes - Washer Toss Game (#WASHOO-GM-00139)

2pcs Stacking Target Bases - Cherry Wood Finish

8pcs Plastic Encased Washers

4 pcs each of red & blue colors

1 pc storage bag

Game rules

Driveway Games' Washoooes – Washer Toss Game™ is the ideal outdoor game for your next barbeque, tailgating event or beach retreat! Washoooes’ unique design creates a high quality, durable game that is built for easy storage and portablility with targets that stack inside one another and a handy carry bag! A classic family game, Washoooes is played by 2 teams, with 2-4 total players in an easy to learn, but super competive, and fun game of tossing skill. Players toss weighted washers at the opposing target, scoring 3pts for a “Ringer” in the center cone, and 1pt for landing a washer in the base…first to 21 points wins!

  • Manufacturer's 60 day Limited Warranty against material manufactured defects.
  • “3 Games in 1” – Flip Targets over, or at a 45° angle for 2 totally new washer games
  • Ultra Compact - Stackable Storage - 40% smaller storage than other games!
  • Quality Hardwood Targets w/ carry handles, plastic encased, chip resistant washers
  • Bonus carry bag.
  • Made in China.