Floating Bean Bag Toss Game - Standard (#INFLTTS-GM-00118)

Floating Bean Bag Toss Game - Standard (#INFLTTS-GM-00118)

1 Inflatable Target

8 Water Proof Square Bean
Bags In 2 colors

1 Breathable Mesh Storage Bag

Game Rules

The Floating Bean Bag Toss Game™, like Toad Toss’n™, brings the fun and excitement of traditional bean bags to the swimming pool.  You haven’t proven your bean bag toss skills until you’ve competed on the water! A totally new and fun water experience for young and old alike. Players toss the floating, waterproof bean bags at the target, scoring 1 point for landing on, and 3 points for getting it in the hole. Scoring can also be awarded with varying points for bags landing in the different color zones.

  • Traditional 36”x24” Target & Square Buoyant Bags
  • Durable PVC construction, inflates by hand in minutes
  • Super Compact & Portable!
  • Just as much fun on land too!